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사이트코드 사이트명 템플릿 아이디
ai Artificial Intelligence Graduate School ai
aieng Artificial Intelligence Graduate School aieng
env1 환경·에너지공학부 env1
env1eng School of Environment and Energy Engineering env1eng
ham 관리자 ham
kor 메인 kor
me 기계로봇공학부 me
meeng School of Mechanical and Robotics Engineering meeng
mse 신소재공학부 mse
mseeng School of Materials Science and Engineering mseeng
peptoid Peptide Drug Discovery Lab. peptoid
register register register
semi 반도체공학과 semi
atto Attosecond Science Laboratory template_a1
bimil Functional Protein Engineering Lab (FPEL) template_a1
bmel BioMacromolecular Engineering Laboratory (BMEL) template_a1
clar Cell & Virus Logistics Research Laboratory template_a1
eel Evolutionary Ecology Laboratory template_a1
em Microwave Sensing & Imaging Lab. template_a1
energy Organic Electrochemistry and Energy Materials Laboratory template_a1
etcl Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Laboratory template_a1
femto Energy Spectroscopy Laboratory template_a1
flexenergy 에너지융합대학원 template_a1
flexenergyeng Graduate School of Energy Convergence template_a1
flexible Flexible Electronics Lab. (FEL) template_a1
giai giai template_a1
ieri 국제환경연구소 template_a1
ierieng International Environmental Research Institute template_a1
iibr 생명의과학융합연구소 template_a1
iibreng Integrated Institute of Biomedical Research template_a1
inpl In Situ Nano-Energy Processing Lab. (INPL) template_a1
lifeeng School of Life Sciences template_a1
mass Functional and Medicinal Proteomics Laboratory template_a1
mnl Molecular Neurobiology Laboatory template_a1
modsim Modeling & Simulation Lab. template_a1
nsmml Nano-Spintronics Magnetic Materials Lab. template_a1
psl Power Systems Laboratory template_a1
samplesite 샘플사이트 template_a1
sel Soil Environment Laboratory template_a1
sentor Dynamics and control Lab template_a1
snl Soft Nanomaterials and Energy Lab. (SNE) template_a1
steitzcenter Steitz Center for Structural Biology template_a1
tesla Mobile Power Electronics Lab template_a1
ultrafast Laboratory for Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics template_a1
water Water Security Laboratory template_a1
x-ray X-ray Laboratory for Nanoscale Phenomena template_a1
xray Protein Structure and Function Laboratory template_a1
aolwebsite Applied Optics Lab. template_a2
biomems BioMEMS Lab. template_a2
brgt Bio-Remodeling & Gene Therapy Laboratory template_a2
genomic-medicine Laboratory of Genomic Medicine template_a2
gistrna RNA Genomics and Epigenetics Laboratory template_a2
ssll Solid State Lighting Lab. template_a2
biocomput BioComputing Lab template_a3
bmssa Bio-Medical Information & Signal(BMIS) Lab template_a3
combio Data Mining & Computational Biology Lab. template_a3
bk21 GIST BK21 기후·환경·에너지 융합테크 교육연구단 template_a4
mic 모빌리티 지능화 및 제어 연구실 template_a4
optimus the Optimus Lab template_a4
tmtor Tumor Metabolism and Therapeutic Oncology Research (TMTOR) & Space Biomedical Sciences Laboratory template_a4
gccdc GIST 상담센터 template_a5
las 기초교육학부 template_a5
las_eng Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences template_a5
bpc NanoBio Photonics Lab. template_b1
eesl Eletrochemical Energy Systems Lab. (EESL) template_b1
fonl Functional Oxide Nanostructure Lab. template_b1
gistesca Laboratory for Electron Spectroscopy for Surface/Interface Chemical Analysis template_b1
lpal Laser-Plasma Acceleration Laboratory template_b1
sanghan Sustainable Energy and Electronic Devices Lab. (SEED) template_b1
ddsdol Data-Driven Simulation and Design Optimization Laboratory template_b2
lcb Laboratory of Cancer Biology template_b2
panorama GIST Panorama template_b2
scent Super Computing Center template_b2
genomics Functional Genomics Laboratory template_b3
neurophotonics Neurophotonics Laboratory template_b3
atmoslab Atmospheric Trace MOlecule Sensing Lab. template_c1
bionmr Structural Biochemistry Lab. template_c1
bmse 의생명공학과 template_c1
bmseeng Department of Biomedical Science and Engineering template_c1
camlab Climate Analysis and Modeling Laboratory template_c1
chem 화학과 template_c1
chemeng Department of Chemistry template_c1
eecs 전기전자컴퓨터공학부 template_c1
embl Environmental Membrane-Biotechnology Laboratory 환경 분리막-바이오기술 연구실 template_c1
enol Environmental Mass Spectrometry & Analytical Chemistry Lab. template_c1
ertl Electrochemical Reaction & Technology Laboratory template_c1
iit School of Integrated Technology template_c1
iiteng School of Integrated Technology template_c1
ldd Laboratory of Drug Discovery template_c1
ndl Neural Network and Transcriptomics Lab template_c1
nmr Biomembrane Molecular Functional Modulator Discovery Laboratory template_c1
orgsyn Organic Synthesis Lab. template_c1
physeng Department of Physics and Photon Science template_c1
qdev Quantum Devices Laboratory template_c1
analog Analog And Mixed-Signal Intergrated Circuit Design Lab. template_c2
cellclearance Cell Clearance Laboratory template_c2
laserfusion Laser Fusion Laboratory template_c2
medrobotics Intelligent Medical Robotics Laboratory template_c2
mpsf Membrane protein Structural and functional biology Laboratory template_c2
peroxisomes Lab. of Peroxisomes & Lipid Metabolism template_c2
t-neurolab Laboratory of Translational Neuroscience template_c2
bsbp BioSensors and Bio-Photonics Laboratory template_c3
cei Future Education Team template_c3
ctt Creative Thinking Technology Lab template_c3
esmd Energy Storage Material and Device template_c3
fos Functional Organic Molecules Synthesis Lab. template_c3
imttc imttc template_c3
isd ISD Lab. template_c3
lcbl Language, Cognition, & Brain Lab at GIST template_c3
photonics Photonics template_c3
press GIST PRESS template_c3
psel PSEL template_c3
tmbl Trace Metal Biogeochemistry Laboratory template_c3
wits GIST Lab template_c3
aeml Applied and Environmental Microbiology Lab. template_d1
alis Advanced Lithography for Integrated Systems Lab. (ALIS) template_d1
biophotonics Theranostics by Electro Digital Technology Lab template_d1
ccmp Computational Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory template_d1
cdl Osteoarthritis Research Laboratory template_d1
cnesl Carbon & Energy Systems Laboratory template_d1
ebl Energy and Biotechnology Lab template_d1
ecl Environmental Catalysis Lab template_d1
eec 혁신기업가교육센터 template_d1
eeml Energy and Environmental Materials Laboratory template_d1
enl Environmental Nanotechnology Lab. template_d1
isp Intelligent Information System Lab. template_d1
ndtl New Drug Targets Laboratory template_d1
nsl GLAD(GIST Laboratory of Autonomous Driving) template_d1
optogist Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter Physics template_d1
ppl Photonics Polymer Lab. (PPL) template_d1
professors 교수평의회 template_d1
rbgd Reproductive Biomedicine and Gene Discovery template_d1
sci Soft Computing & Interaction Laboratory template_d1
sfdl Structure-Function Discovery Laboratory template_d1
siel Stable Isotope Ecology Laboratory template_d1
wqtl Water Quality and Treatment Laboratory template_d1
3dbit 3D Biomedical Image and Technology template_d2
atml 에어로졸공학모니터링연구실 template_d2
boc Bioorganic Chemistry Lab. template_d2
catalyst Energy Catalyst and Device Laboratory template_d2
dcas Distributed Control and Autonomous Systems Lab. template_d2
hohjai Photonic Quantum Chemistry Lab. template_d2
hr 로봇 인공지능 강화학습 연구실 template_d2
laser Laser Micro/Nano Fabrication Lab. template_d2
life 생명과학부 template_d2
nheat Nano Energy & Heat Transfer Lab. template_d2
ospl Organic Semiconductors and Photonics Lab. (OSPL) template_d2
stat Computational Many-body Physics Group template_d2
theory THEORY Lab. template_d2
dgl Developmental Genetics Laboratory template_d3
hrc GIST인권센터 template_d3
hurgroup Dynamics and Biomechatronics Laboratory template_d3
isct Immune Synapse & Cell Therapy Laboratory template_d3
kct 한국문화기술연구소 template_d3
kct_eng Korea Culture Technology institute template_d3
mcl Medicinal Chemistry Lab. template_d3
software SW교육센터 template_d3